Career DRIVE – Experience

DevNext User Group recently organized “Career DRIVE”, a career counseling session for (CIS & CIT) students at NED University. As part of Panel, I really enjoyed answering queries of students and also listening to valuable recommendation from other mentors “Faisal Nasim” and “Laiq Ahmed” in panel.

The students asked numerous questions related to different courses, specializations, interests and their job trends. We received number of questions on “Computer and Information System” value in the ecosystem. There were comparatively low questions related to further studies.

However there were two general advices that panel shared with students and which I would like to mention here, for all computer science and engineering graduates:

Take your projects SERIOUSLY!

Whether it’s semester or final year project, you all must go beyond what is expected from you, plan your final year project early, challenge status quo etc.  Develop more than just “X management system”, where X is hospital, library etc. Try to participate in competitions.

Connect and Network with your Alumni

Your seniors (Alumni) will act as your liaison to industry and academia. Make sure you network with them well. Your strong bond with alumni will ultimately benefit YOU.

Hope this session would be beneficial for students.

Sessions on Web Development

Good Job NED Volunteers Thumbs up 


On request of students from NED University of Engineering and Technology, DevNext User Group recently organized two day sessions on Web Development using ASP.NET at NED University. The sessions were held on 12th and 19th March, 2011.

The purpose of facilitating such sessions was to provide students firm understanding of web architecture and development using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and ASP.NET.

We would like to thank speaker and our volunteers at NED University for organizing such useful sessions.

About Speaker:

Mr. Anas Raza is a graduate in Computer and Information System from NED University and currently working as Software Engineer at ITIM Pakistan.

About DevNext User Group:

DevNext is a user group which has been created with the intention of providing a platform for the Next Generation Designers & Developers sharing and discussing knowledge regarding different tools and technologies. Our mission from inception has been to develop a peer group of developers, designers, architects, and managers who are interested in learning, sharing and growing their knowledge and capabilities. The group’s vision is to provide members with a forum to hear top industry experts speak, learn and teach others who are interested in the same technologies as you and are facing the same challenges.

Interested in organizing technology sessions in your University? Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Announcement: DevNext Student Volunteers for Year 2011



Like each year, we are glad to announce “DevNext Student Volunteers” for the year 2011. DevNext volunteers are selected on the basis of their interest and passion to serve their University and indirectly to overall students’ community by working in collaboration with DevNext User Group Leader, industry experts and other volunteers. These volunteers are expected to organize and arrange fruitful sessions for students of their respected Universities that are related to Science, Technology, Career and Project work.

Following are the selected volunteers from different Universities:

University of Karachi

UmairUmair Ahmed

I am doing BS(Computer Science) from University Of Karachi & also giving services to Super Softz IT Solution as a Web Developer. I actively Participated in the All Pakistan Programming Competition”.

I have interested in Oracle Database 10g , iPhone Development, Windows Phone 7 Development and Cloud Computing.


NED University of Engineering and Technology

KiranKiran Fatima

Hi, I’m Kiran Fatima, student of Computer Information System Department at NED University of Engineering and Technology. I have great interest in programming and Web designing.  And I want to pursue my professional career in the field of Software Engineering.

I enjoy working on Programming based languages and I am working hard to be an expert. Besides it; I am good in communication and have great problems solving skills. I like to take responsibility and always persist with the task until it is achieved.

I am not an expert photographer; however, I have great interest in photography. I always try to take snaps following the rules of professional photography and mostly everyone likes the snaps I take.


MairaMaria Shah

Me (Maira Shah) the student of Third Year (CS-122), CIS (Computer information Systems), NED University Of Engineering And Technology, introducing my self for being part of DevNext User Group

Fields of Interests

  • Event Management And Organization
  • Site Management and Collaboration


NareshNaresh Kumar

I am very interested in mobile networking and cloud computing, which is the current trend. I am student of third year of Computer Engineering and I have done internship in summer of second year.

My hobbies are surfing, hang out with friends, go out wherever possible and adjust quickly with new people and make friends. Passionate about me and others to get to know well about their field so that they could make out something innovative and competitive, want to know about the latest technology developed in the world.

Most of the times attend each IT seminar to get well to know in which direction we are heading through.  I read computer magazines like Spider, dawn newspaper, articles etc. I mostly like to know and understand the human nature.


Supporting Team: Fahad Uddin,

Madiha Anwer, Maha Toor, Mariyum Sabir, Rabia Qaiser, Saad Muhammad Ali, Rahmeen Ahmed Khan,

Shahroze Jamil,

Umm e farwa, Wajiha ahmed, Yasra Ahmed, Yusra Adil.


mypicMuhammad Umair

My Name is Muhammad Umair and i am studying at PAF-KIET.I am doing bachelors in Computer Science.I like to develop games on mobile and computer platform.

To keep me update i mostly read blogs,online magazines specially game developer magazine.



We would like to Thank all the volunteers for their interest and we expect a lot from them.
In case you are very passionate to serve the community and wanted to participate as volunteer, please email us at providing your Name, University, Email, Profile Picture, Cell # and above all answer to our question “Why you want to become DevNext Volunteer?”
Good Luck!


Event Details: Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET

Being User Group Leader of DevNext, I participated as speaker in the event “Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET” organized by DevNext volunteers at NED University of Engineering and Technology on 3rd April, 2010.
The overall objective of the session was to give students concepts of web programming such as HTTP Requests, HTML Forms, Role of Web Server, IIS, ASP.NET, PostBack, ViewState etc.
I was really glad to see the interest of the students. Even when the lecture hall was full, the students were sitting on the floor to attend the event and that really motivates me in doing community events. Also this was the first event in which the students asked so many questions and they were really trying to comprehend the topics.
I appreciate all the efforts by the DevNext Volunteers in NED University and their passion to learn. They really organized the event very well. Thanks everyone!

DevNext Volunteers
To read further details about the event, check out DevNext Blog here.