DevNext NED Volunteers’ Meet up

As the new academic year begins, DevNext volunteers at NED University had a small meet up to discuss about the role of new volunteer force of DevNext at NED.


Adil Mughal, DevNext User Group Leader, discussed with new volunteers about the User Groups, INETA, and DevNext history in NED. Adil talked about how DevNext is serving students by providing a platform for them and what they can do to serve the students community.

Adil MughalVolunteers

As always, It is great having an interaction with future engineers. We hope that new volunteers will play a better role in serving their University and community.


Recent Events in June 2010

Within last few weeks we have organized two events under user groups. One under the umbrella of DevNext, in particular of NED University students and another one under “Emerging .NET Devs” for Industry Professionals. I’m gonna paste some details from their respective blogs:

Windows Development Using C++ by DevNext

Technical Discussion on Windows Development using C++ was being held at N.E.D. University for Second Year students on June 1, 2010 specifically to provide them help for developing their Object Oriented Programming Project. We had invited Mr.Shoaib Surya, Lead Software Engineer at Folio3 (Pvt.) as a volunteer speaker for this session.


To continue reading, please visit DevNext site.

June UG Meeting Summary by Emerging .NET Devs

On 8th June 2010, we organized another User Group meeting on “Workflow Foundation v4”. We would like to thank Mr. Muhammad Ali Sakhi, Microsoft Certified Trainer, for taking out time and delivering a session at the meeting on Workflow Foundation v4 with Visual Studio 2010. We would also like to thank attendees for making this event very successful. The majority of the participants were from Industry.

To read further, please visit Emerging .NET Devs UG Blog.

I hope you all have enjoyed the session, please feel free to provide us feedback to help us improve in future and stay tuned for more cool events on 10-4.

Second Shot Voucher from eDotNetDevs

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To request for voucher, please read the blog post on Emerging .NET Devs site. You can also join Facebook Page of “Emerging .NET Devs” to get future updates!

Event Summary: Oct UG Meeting on LINQ

I participated as speaker along with Munir Usman (MVP) in Emerging .NET DevsOctober UG Meeting on LINQ. I was excited as I was speaking after couple of months 🙂 The event was organized by  Emerging .NET Devs. We tried to make the event as interactive as possible. The style of discussion was comparison between approaches before and after LINQ and how LINQ makes life of programmer easy and increase productivity. 

Adil and MunirDSC01643

Following was the agenda of the discussion:

  • Challenges before LINQ

  • Introduction to LINQ

  • Pre-requisite to LINQ (C# 3.0 Features)

  • LINQ to Objects

  • Refreshment

  • LINQ to SQL

  • LINQ to XML

For more details about the events, please visit Emerging .NET Devs – Oct UG Meeting Summary. Also, those who attended the show, please provide feedback about the event here. Thank you everyone for attending the show.

Talk on “Purpose of User Group Meetings”

AdilOnUGLast week I had an opportunity to talk on “User Groups and Purpose of User Group(UG) Meetings” at Emerging .NET Devs – June UG Meeting. In Pakistan we are trying to promote the culture of UGs and sharing of knowledge voluntarily. So in order to share the sprit of User Groups and the benefits of UG meetings, we did a 30 mins discussion in which following points were discussed with the audience as ‘Purpose of UG Meetings’:

  • Learning
  • Networking
  • Sharing
  • Job Opportunities
  • Meet Experts
  • Solution to Problems

For details about the event, please visit the Emerging .NET Devs blog here.

User Groups And User Groups

As many of you know that I’m leading INETA User Group,  “Emerging .NET Devs” and I was quite busy and active in arranging events, meetings, communicating with sponsors, and prizes or giveaways for the members on behalf of User Group. Yes the User Group is growing day by day and I got appreciation from many fellows and it’s going quite successful.

BUT yesterday there was a BANG!! Ali Raza Shaikh (MVP), User Group Leader of DevNext, asked me to lead DevNext as well! because since while he was looking for someone to replace him and I think for leading user group, one must be really passionate about it 🙂 Perhaps he found me currently the most active or suitable in the community [this is just self appreciation 😉 he didn’t say something like that]. So I replied to Ali that okay I will think of that 😉 as it’s really tough to manage two groups at the same time with full time job as well. Finally we decided that I will be the User Group Leader from now on and Ali will support as Founder 🙂

Though Emerging .NET Devs is really emerging day by day, we have now around 75+ members on Facebook but DevNext is really a big group having hundreds of members having bigger scope than Emerging .NET Devs.

You can directly read the announcement from Ali here.

Hopefully it will be fun leading TWO User Groups and I look forward to meet all the volunteers of DevNext and Emerging .NET Devs for collaboration and organizing events keeping our vision in mind.

“Dissemination of information through knowledge sharing sessions and to enable the developers’ community to collaborate with each other”

Meeting with Microsoft Student Partners

IMG_0955“Microsoft Student Partners are a selected group of technical students rock stars who are using technology to improve your life, make things easier and have fun. They are everywhere and they share their passion for technology, their knowledge and expertise with al the students around the globe.” – MSP Blog

Last week I had a kind of session with MSPs at Microsoft Innovation Center, FAST-NU. The agenda of session was

  • Debugging Techniques: Visual Studio 2008
  • Workshops at respective universities on behalf of Emerging .NET Devs

In July, Emerging .NET Devs is planning to organize some workshops at different universities in Karachi to enable students to get familiar with current technologies in the software development industry such as C#, ASP.NET, Design Patterns. For this purpose, I thought that MSPs are really a point of contact for the universities and us.

Hence we communicated with them the vision of Emerging .NET Devs and the purpose of workshops. Almost everyone of them were interested in organizing such events 🙂 which I believe is really a good thing and I must appreciate their interest. Further we discussed some of the concerns in organizing workshops such as

  • What should be done to make the events as successful as possible
  • In which topics/areas students are interested
  • Timings/Date

The session last around 1 hour followed by Q&A. The MSPs showed their interest by raising their points of concern and suggestions. I’m looking forward for further collaboration with MSPs.

Free Registration for Microsoft Exam

In the continuous effort to support the developers’ community, Emerging .NET Devs is now offering coupons to register for Microsoft Certification exams at Prometric absolutely FREE. Each member will be awarded only ONE coupon at maximum. There are limited number of coupons, so they will be served on first come first serve basis.

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About Emerging .NET Devs

Emerging .NET Devs is a registered user group under International .NET Association (INETA). The group is committed to a vision of disseminating information through lectures in events, sessions and to enable the developer community to collaborate with each other.

Are you a developer? Are you passionate about technology? Do you want to grasp the Ins-and-Outs of the .Net Platform? Then this is right place for you. Join us on Facebook and/or Yahoo Group to participate further!

Emerging .NET Devs is sponsored by many organizations such as Microsoft, INETA, Pearson, and O’Reilly etc.

Visit our user group blog at to get updates about latest events, meetings, benefits and announcements.

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Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk – Introduction to WCF

I recently gave an Introductory session on Windows Communication Foundation at Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi – Pakistan (20th Mar’ 09). Adil

The targeted audience were industry professionals and the goal was to demonstrate them making WCF services. Following was the agenda of the session:

  • Background
  • What is WCF?
  • WCF Service Model
  • Creating a WCF Service
    • Contract
    • Binding
    • Address
  • Hosting ServicesAudience
  • Creating and Invoking WCF Clients
  • Configurable Endpoints
  • Migration and Performance Issues

The session was followed by Q & A in which audience were very keen to ask question related to migration from ASMX to WCF. I shared some of my experience using WCF services with the audience as well.

In collaboration with Microsoft Community Partner, We are soon going to announce another session on “Exploring WCF Features” in which we will see the demo of some features that ship with WCF.

I would like to thank all the participants for their valuable time and interest.

Adil Mughal