Where is Windows 8 Store App Suspend Resume Shutdown Option in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate?

If you have been developing Windows 8 apps using Visual Studio 2012 Express and recently started working on Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, it might take you few minutes to figure out where is “Suspend”, “Resume”, and “Suspend and Shutdown” option during debugging. 

Because you may know that Visual Studio is a huge product and each express version is tailored as per its usage. So default toolbar of VS ultimate does not include this option enabled.
So all you have to do is to select “Debug Location” under View -> Toolbar -> Debug Location. 

That’s it. Now you can see the “Suspend” etc. option in toolbar. 

Just thought to share this small thing as it took my couple of minutes to figure this out.

Microsoft Community Meetup in Islamabad

Last week, I had honor to interact with community at Microsoft Community Meetup Islamabad where I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on community contribution and its significance.
I talked about why community contribution matters to society and what are some of the common benefits of community meetup.

I was amazed to see the willingness of people to participate in community activities and enjoyed the same discussion with them on dinner. If you would like to get involved in community as volunteer or need to discuss with me, just don’t hesitate to contact me or tweet me.

Restoring NuGet Packages and gitignore

Some time earlier, I posted about “Restoring NuGet Packages for External Dependencies” to restore dependencies when building solution and this way you don’t have to commit “packages” folder.
Just a short note: If you are working with Git and have enabled restoring NuGet packages automatically then perhaps it would be helpful to add “packages/” to .gitignore file as you don’t want to commit the packages folder.
This is also been handled in latest VisualStudio.gitignore sample available at github/gitignore. By default the “packages/” is commented so don’t forget to uncomment the line (see line# 98).