HTML5 Tips n Tools Session

HTML5_Logo_512Interested to listen on HTML5? Are you developing web applications? Do you have any worth sharing experience of using HTMl5? Are you interested to know how you can start developing web apps using HTML5 today? How JavaScript frameworks are enabling modern web client?

If yes, we would love to see you on our upcoming event “Tools n Tips to Start using HTML5 Today!” at MIC. For details and registration, please visit

I will be there and will be looking forward to meet YOU, a web developer passionate about evaluation of web platform and modern browsers.


Career DRIVE – Experience

DevNext User Group recently organized “Career DRIVE”, a career counseling session for (CIS & CIT) students at NED University. As part of Panel, I really enjoyed answering queries of students and also listening to valuable recommendation from other mentors “Faisal Nasim” and “Laiq Ahmed” in panel.

The students asked numerous questions related to different courses, specializations, interests and their job trends. We received number of questions on “Computer and Information System” value in the ecosystem. There were comparatively low questions related to further studies.

However there were two general advices that panel shared with students and which I would like to mention here, for all computer science and engineering graduates:

Take your projects SERIOUSLY!

Whether it’s semester or final year project, you all must go beyond what is expected from you, plan your final year project early, challenge status quo etc.  Develop more than just “X management system”, where X is hospital, library etc. Try to participate in competitions.

Connect and Network with your Alumni

Your seniors (Alumni) will act as your liaison to industry and academia. Make sure you network with them well. Your strong bond with alumni will ultimately benefit YOU.

Hope this session would be beneficial for students.