Book Review: Professional Enterprise .NET – Wrox

Professional Enterprise .NET Cover

Book Title: Professional Enterprise .NET
Authors: Jon Arking and Scott Millet
Publisher: Wrox

I must say one of the best book I have read on Enterprise Design and Code. The author did very well in explaining how to write flexible, extensible code. If you are a mid level .NET developer and you are curious enough to think about more flexible, testable and extensible applications, you will definitely love this book.

This book covers some of the very exciting topics such as Separation of Concerns, Flexibility, Reusability, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Inversion of Control, Domain-Driven, Data access layer, Model-View Presenter, Model-View-Controller. Although it may sounds dry but the author did a great job in keeping me stick to the book. After so many time, this was the book which kept me reading it until i finished it.

The book started with the discussion on What is Enterprise Architecture and Development? Then with an example of Mortgage Loan sample application, the author have applied above mention topics and concepts.

You can also download code of this book from codeplex site.

All in all, I think that it’s worth investing time and money on this book and it’s really a comprehensive guide to the latest enterprise development patterns and methodologies that will make your code cleaner and maintainable.

WPF Editor in Visual Studio 2010

One of the feature of Visual Studio 2010 that I’m excited about is the revamped editor built on top of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). For those who have worked on WPF knows that it is a very powerful and flexible platform and that is the reason why I’m excited about it because not only this introduce some good features in Visual Studio but it opens bunch of opportunities for future as well. And I am sure the next version of VS plus VS extensions will provide excellent features for application developers.
Further to extend editor features, now you don’t have to write VSPackage, instead you can use Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). For more details, visit Visual Studio on MSDN.
So the one of the simple feature I like is of Zoom in and out 🙂 and that’s because while presenting on several events I need to increase the font or use magnifier but now I can just zoom in and zoom out using Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up/down. So now I don’t have to do that
Zoom in code Zoom out code
Zoom in to 177% Zoom out to 61%
Also you will notice in the picture above that now on the bottom left of editor there is option to select zoom level from where you can also change the zooming factor.
Another feature I would like to mention here is the integration of Visual Studio extensions through Extension Manager. You will find Extension Manager in Tools –> Extension Manager
VS 2010 Extension Manager
And what it does is that it connects with Extension Gallery on MSDN and allows you to search and download any extension that is available for Visual Studio including controls, templates etc. Some of them are free, some of them are shareware. So let’s go ahead and search one of the extension. As an example I have searched and downloaded “Image Insertion” extension. After download, Visual Studio will prompt you to restart to take effects. What this extension allows me to do is that drag and drop any image on the code as the screenshots depict below:
Image Insertion Extension
Insert Image in Code

Therefore as an example, I have inserted class diagram just where my class begins to help developer understand what the class does and the methods/properties in it. What you can also do this insert an image which describes the working visually or some UML diagram to help developer in understanding code.

That is all for today! I hope if you have not gone through the zoom and extension manager features, you will definitely love this post 🙂

Happy Coding!

Enterprise Library v5 is released!

patterns & practices Developer CenterYesterday, 20th April 2010, Microsoft Patterns and Practices team announced final release of Enterprise Library v5.

About Enterprise Library:
Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code that can be used “as is,” extended, or modified by developers for use in enterprise development projects.

You can download the Enterprise Library v5 with or without source code from codeplex site.


Visual Studio 2010 Professional is FREE for Students

Good News! The Microsoft recently released development IDE Visual Studio 2010 is available free for students at DreamSpark.

DreamSpark site

If you belong to any University in Pakistan and are not registered at DreamSpark. You can submit your registration request here.

Event Details: How We Build Applications in Industry

Today, 14th April 2010, I participated as speaker in the event “How We Build Applications in Industry” organized by DevNext volunteers at UIT.

The purpose of this session was to share with students the good practices we follow in Industry when developing a web applications. I would like to thank all the students for their time and interest.

To read further about the event, please visit DevNext UG blog here.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 is now available

VS 2010 Life runs on code

Today, 12th April 2010, Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2010 RTM and .NET 4 at the VS 2010 Global Launch conference and expo. You can watch the live event at link here. You can also follow the hash tag #VS2010 on twitter to get update about the event.

The Visual Studio 2010 is now available to download for MSDN Subscribers.

How to Use Code Snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE

Code Snippets allow you to automatically insert short fragments of code into your program. Based on Code Templates that you can create and edit yourself, Code Snippets are easily customizable. This video shows how Code Snippets work, how to edit existing Code Snippets and how to create your own Code Snippets. This feature requires Visual Studio 2005 or higher.


Event Details: Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET

Being User Group Leader of DevNext, I participated as speaker in the event “Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET” organized by DevNext volunteers at NED University of Engineering and Technology on 3rd April, 2010.
The overall objective of the session was to give students concepts of web programming such as HTTP Requests, HTML Forms, Role of Web Server, IIS, ASP.NET, PostBack, ViewState etc.
I was really glad to see the interest of the students. Even when the lecture hall was full, the students were sitting on the floor to attend the event and that really motivates me in doing community events. Also this was the first event in which the students asked so many questions and they were really trying to comprehend the topics.
I appreciate all the efforts by the DevNext Volunteers in NED University and their passion to learn. They really organized the event very well. Thanks everyone!

DevNext Volunteers
To read further details about the event, check out DevNext Blog here.