Currently Reading: CLR via C#, 3rd Edition

Hey folks,
Last week I visited USA to attend Global MVP Summit 2010 and I make sure that I purchase a copy of recently released CLR via C# 3/e by Jeffrey Richter published by Microsoft Press.

The book is a MUST READ for all .NET developers and provides an insight on .NET Framework 4.0 that includes Framework Class Libraries (FCL) as well as Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Book Description

“Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by a highly regarded programming expert and consultant to the Microsoft® .NET team, this guide is ideal for developers building any kind of application-including Microsoft® ASP.NET, Windows® Forms, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Web services, and console applications. You’ll get hands-on instruction and extensive C# code samples to help you tackle the tough topics and develop high-performance applications.”

Also check out Jeffrey’s blog on what’s new in 3rd edition. I’m really enjoying reading the book and recommend all of .NET folks out there to read that book for better understanding of CLR and FCL.

MVP Summit 2010 – Day 4

Day 4 was the last day of the Summit, I wonder how fast these days passed by. But the good thing about day 4 was that we had free time to hang out with other MVPs and to get out of the hotel and campus (H) after 3 PM.

In the morning, we attended some great keynotes specially the one by Satya Nadella, Senior Vice President – Research and Development – Online Services Division, talking about some of the advancement in Bing.

Around 4 PM, I along with Hammad Rajjoub and Munir Usman decided to downtown to Bellevue and to Bellevue Mall as well.

Munir and Hammad Microsoft Office in Bellevue Adil with good looking trees

At 7 PM, some of the MEA MVPs gathered at the reception along with Ruari Plint, MVP Lead, to spend some time together and have a light dinner as well. We also discussed how we can effectively organize events and connecting them throughout the MEA region.

MEA MVPs IMG_1188 Post Dinner

It was really nice to meet other MVPs and glad to have dinner sponsored by Ruari 😉 So the summit was over and I would like to thank Microsoft for organizing the event and MVPs making this summit a good time.

MVP Summit 2010 – Day 3

Day 3 was almost the same like Day 2, the deep dive learning and feedback sessions were scheduled at Microsoft Campus, Redmond. But in day 3, I attended few sessions other than of my core expertise and so I attended a morning session at 9 AM with ASP.NET Team on Microsoft Ajax library and its future in “Common Building”. Scott hanselman was also present in the session 🙂 The session was good and Stephen Walther shared some of the demos for Ajax library and we talk about jQuery integration as well. The session ended and then I moved to some C# sessions in Building 92 that includes some secret sessions as well 🙂

Free drinks On Day 3, we did some shopping from Microsoft store as well and I bought some stuff for User Group events. Plus I can’t forget the free drinks at Microsoft campus.

As the day 3 ends, the closing session begins with Program Managers from different teams to conclude what we, MVPs and Microsoft folks, shared with each other w.r.t. C# as a language, IDE, CLR and Community.

In the evening, an attendee party was organized, enjoyed playing bowling with other MVPs

One thing I would appreciate and like to mention about it is that as MVPs are very passionate about providing feedback for improvements at the same time Microsoft folks are really very keen and interested in listening to MVPs. They not only just listen to MVPs, they also execute the feedback provided and I believe that makes a strong bond between MVPs and Microsoft.

MVP Summit 2010 – Day 2

Day 2 was something important and tightly scheduled with several sessions, we were suppose to catch Shuttle from hotel by max 8:30 AM to reach Microsoft Campus, Redmond. So we woke up early in the morning, had breakfast and left the hotel by 8:15 AM. Being Visual C# MVP, I was suppose to attend the Deep Dive sessions by C# team which held in Building 92 at Microsoft Campus in Redmond.

Munir Adil

The day started with the welcome session for C# and VB MVPs and then C# MVPs were distributed in 3 groups to attend several interactive sessions rest of the day with C# language team, IDE team, CLR team, C# community team etc

List of New MVPs Mads (C# Language PM)Eric Lippert and Adil

At the end of day, we had “Product group evening event” providing an opportunity to MVPs to have some time meeting with Product team of their respective expertise.

Overall second day was quite busy and loaded with technical discussions. I really enjoyed the first two days and I hope other MVPs must have been enjoyed as well.

MVP Summit 2010 – Day 1

In last post I mentioned about attending MVP Summit 2010, So here I’m in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond and the first two days of the Summit are over. It was pretty exciting and fun, MVP Bagwe met different MVPs representing more than 70+ countries, MVP leads and some Program Managers at Microsoft.

The event started on 16th Feb with registration and all MVPs were given a “Recycled” MVP plastic bag with goodies 🙂

After registration, we roam around in Hotel looking for different facilities provided by Microsoft. We also meet our MVP Lead Ruari Plint. I and Munir also took a picture with him. 

(L to R) Adil, Ruari, MunirIMG_0952

Before opening Keynote there were some optional side sessions scheduled and I attended one of the session related to Community work such as User group, Community Launch etc. and we discussed some of the issues we faced and Microsoft people were really keen in getting feedback about support we would like to see from Microsoft/UGSS etc. I enjoyed this session pretty much as it was aligned with my interest and related to User group.

And then there was Opening Keynote by Nestor Portillo, Director of Community and Online Support, he talked about the MVP program and thank all MVPs for their contribution in the community and providing feedback to Microsoft. When Nestor showed the map of countries from where MVPs travelled to attend the summit, he said that I was wondering who come from furthest then Munir suddenly shouted from audience “Pakistan” and he laughed and said whether its Pakistan or New Zealand or some other country we want to thank all MVPs for taking out time for the event.  This keynote was followed by Toby Richards, General Manager -Community and Online Support. Everyone liked the MVP t-shirt he was wearing and some people tweet about it as well 🙂

Nestor PortilloToby Richards 

Then there was a panel discussion with MVP Program team followed by food 🙂 The Summit day 1 ends here but not ours 🙂 there were some side events/parties organized by other companies in the evening as well for MVPs. We also attending one of the party and played snooker as well.

Attending MVP Summit 2010

“The MVP Global Summit is a multi-day event that is hosted in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. With a large catalog of deep dive sessions and a variety of networking opportunities, the MVP Global Summit enables MVPs to connect with other MVPs, build relationships with Microsoft product managers, and provide feedback on Microsoft products and technologies.”

MVP Summit site

I’m glad and excited to share that I will be attending Microsoft Global MVP Summit 2010. The event will held at Hyatt Regency in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, from February 16 through 19.

The overall flight duration is around 24 hours from Karachi, Pakistan to Seattle, WA (through connecting flights) but hopefully it will be safe, fun and I will get some time to watch PDC 09 sessions 🙂 You can follow the event on twitter with #mvp10

Visual Studio 2010 RC is now available

8th Feb, 2010  Microsoft released release candidate (RC) of Visual Studio 2010. The VS 2010 RC will be available to download for general public on 10th Feb 2010. Earlier we saw some glimpse of Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 as well as some Intellisense improvement. So if you are like me who installed beta 2 of VS2010 and downloaded RC, you might need to read this post.

Note that there is no direct support of Beta 2 to RC upgrade. You need to uninstall the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 as well as .NET Beta 2 and then install VS2010 RC. The snapshots below might help you identify the items to uninstall.

Uninstalling VS 2010 Beta 2 Uninstall dotnet4 beta2

We already saw plenty of features that were introduced in Beta 2. As per Microsoft in RC there are major performance improvements in Visual Studio 2010. Also note that the RC includes a go-live license for people who want to deploy in their production environment. If you haven’t tried VS2010 yet, I would recommend you to download Visual Studio 2010 RC and you will love it. You can run Visual Studio 2010 RC along with Visual Studio 2008 SP1. The RTM is expected in April 2010.

If you are facing any bandwidth issue and you are in Karachi – Pakistan, feel free to contact me and I will try to burn a DVD for you or copy ISO file (around 2.4 GB) on your USB.

Till the RTM, Happy exploring Visual Studio 2010 RC.

Parameters and Arguments

These days I’m reading “C# in Depth, Second Edition” written by a very famous C# MVP Jon Skeet. In his book Jon cleared the difference between Parameters and Arguments which I thought to share, with his permission. A lot of software developers really use these words interchangeably when discussing about programming with each other and sometimes we never realized that.
A parameter is the variable which is part of the method or indexer declaration whereas an argument is an expression used when calling the method or indexer. For example:
private void M1(int number)
// some code
//somewhere else in the code 
int value = 10;

In the code snippet above number is the parameter whereas as value is the argument. Hope you will now use these words properly, if you were interchanging them previously like me 🙂