Event Summary: Session on Silverlight at NED

Today, 20th August ’09, I delivered a session on Silverlight at NED University of Engineering and Technology. The event was organized by Microsoft Student Partner “Faraz” in collaboration with Microsoft Community Pakistan. The event was titled as “Silverlight, An overview” was attended by around 50 students majority of them were enrolled in BCIT program. The session provided students an overview of Silverlight and Expression Blend.

I would like to thank every single student for attending the session, I really enjoyed today and it was my honor to be at one of the finest University of Pakistan and I must appreciate the interest of students as well.

Following was the overall agenda of the session:

  • Background
  • Introduction to Silverlight
  • XAML & Hello World Demo
  • Expression Blend
  • Animations
  • Style and Control Templates – Demo
  • Media Support

The session begin with discussion on the User Experience and why we need Silverlight? Followed by the introduction of Silverlight and it’s version history, along with the benefits of Silverlight as compared to earlier technologies.

The students were demonstrated Silverlight project structure and a basic Hello World application using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Silverlight tools for Visual Studio. We also had some discussion on Silverlight architecture and classes that are available in Silverlight. We also saw the shapes and animation in Silverlight and how Expression blend helps us generating XAML. Finally we saw how Silverlight provides look-less controls and the way Control Templates and Styles provides us flexibility to give control a complete custom look and feel.

Once again, Thank you to those who attended the event and Thank you NED, Microsoft Student Partner (NED) and Microsoft Community Pakistan for inviting me and providing me an opportunity to speak on Silverlight 🙂

Those who attended the session, please take out few minutes to fill the feedback form here.

.NET Day

Adil Last weekend I participated as speaker in “.NET Day” – A full day free event for students, organized by DevNext and IEEE-CS (FAST-NU) at FAST- National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.

I’m very glad to see the interest of students and their feedback. I talked on “Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks” and more specifically Visual C# IDE. Visual Studio is one of the most powerful IDE and developers usually don’t know the features available that can really enhance their productivity.

Following were the areas discussed:

  • Code Navigation
  • Refactoring
  • Code Snippets
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Visual Studio SDK

Shield In the end, I got thank you shield from IEEE-CS, FAST-NU 🙂 I would like to thank every one who attended my session and also to IEEE-CS for working in collaboration with DevNext.

For details about the event, please visit “DevNext – .NET Day Event Summary

Talk on “Purpose of User Group Meetings”

AdilOnUGLast week I had an opportunity to talk on “User Groups and Purpose of User Group(UG) Meetings” at Emerging .NET Devs – June UG Meeting. In Pakistan we are trying to promote the culture of UGs and sharing of knowledge voluntarily. So in order to share the sprit of User Groups and the benefits of UG meetings, we did a 30 mins discussion in which following points were discussed with the audience as ‘Purpose of UG Meetings’:

  • Learning
  • Networking
  • Sharing
  • Job Opportunities
  • Meet Experts
  • Solution to Problems

For details about the event, please visit the Emerging .NET Devs blog here.

Meeting with Microsoft Student Partners

IMG_0955“Microsoft Student Partners are a selected group of technical students rock stars who are using technology to improve your life, make things easier and have fun. They are everywhere and they share their passion for technology, their knowledge and expertise with al the students around the globe.” – MSP Blog

Last week I had a kind of session with MSPs at Microsoft Innovation Center, FAST-NU. The agenda of session was

  • Debugging Techniques: Visual Studio 2008
  • Workshops at respective universities on behalf of Emerging .NET Devs

In July, Emerging .NET Devs is planning to organize some workshops at different universities in Karachi to enable students to get familiar with current technologies in the software development industry such as C#, ASP.NET, Design Patterns. For this purpose, I thought that MSPs are really a point of contact for the universities and us.

Hence we communicated with them the vision of Emerging .NET Devs and the purpose of workshops. Almost everyone of them were interested in organizing such events 🙂 which I believe is really a good thing and I must appreciate their interest. Further we discussed some of the concerns in organizing workshops such as

  • What should be done to make the events as successful as possible
  • In which topics/areas students are interested
  • Timings/Date

The session last around 1 hour followed by Q&A. The MSPs showed their interest by raising their points of concern and suggestions. I’m looking forward for further collaboration with MSPs.

Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk – Introduction to WCF

I recently gave an Introductory session on Windows Communication Foundation at Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi – Pakistan (20th Mar’ 09). Adil

The targeted audience were industry professionals and the goal was to demonstrate them making WCF services. Following was the agenda of the session:

  • Background
  • What is WCF?
  • WCF Service Model
  • Creating a WCF Service
    • Contract
    • Binding
    • Address
  • Hosting ServicesAudience
  • Creating and Invoking WCF Clients
  • Configurable Endpoints
  • Migration and Performance Issues

The session was followed by Q & A in which audience were very keen to ask question related to migration from ASMX to WCF. I shared some of my experience using WCF services with the audience as well.

In collaboration with Microsoft Community Partner, We are soon going to announce another session on “Exploring WCF Features” in which we will see the demo of some features that ship with WCF.

I would like to thank all the participants for their valuable time and interest.

Adil Mughal

Seminar on Microsoft Certifications

I recently gave a session on ‘Microsoft Certifications’ at DeXpert, Adil-PresentingKalSoft. This talk was arranged under ‘Emerging .NET Devs’ a chartered group under INETA. The targeted audience were developers.  The seminar was open and free registration was required to attend the show 🙂

For details, please visit “Emerging .NET Devs” user group blog here. The next event will be announced on yahoo group.


Adil Mughal