Event Details: How We Build Applications in Industry

Today, 14th April 2010, I participated as speaker in the event “How We Build Applications in Industry” organized by DevNext volunteers at UIT.

The purpose of this session was to share with students the good practices we follow in Industry when developing a web applications. I would like to thank all the students for their time and interest.

To read further about the event, please visit DevNext UG blog here.

Event Details: Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET

Being User Group Leader of DevNext, I participated as speaker in the event “Web Programming Concepts using ASP.NET” organized by DevNext volunteers at NED University of Engineering and Technology on 3rd April, 2010.
The overall objective of the session was to give students concepts of web programming such as HTTP Requests, HTML Forms, Role of Web Server, IIS, ASP.NET, PostBack, ViewState etc.
I was really glad to see the interest of the students. Even when the lecture hall was full, the students were sitting on the floor to attend the event and that really motivates me in doing community events. Also this was the first event in which the students asked so many questions and they were really trying to comprehend the topics.
I appreciate all the efforts by the DevNext Volunteers in NED University and their passion to learn. They really organized the event very well. Thanks everyone!

DevNext Volunteers
To read further details about the event, check out DevNext Blog here.

Event Details: Windows 7 for Geeks

Yesterday, 20th March 2010, I organized and participated as speaker, “Windows 7 For Geeks” event. The overall objective was to introduce the Windows 7 API for managed developers so that they, as a third party application developer, know how to utilize the capabilities and design experience of Windows 7 in their applications.

I’m very glad to see the growing interest of the technical community and students in such events. For me speaking in community is not all about sharing! It’s about interacting and having an in-person relation with community. So thank you all for coming to the show. For details about the event, please click here to read blog post on Emerging .NET Devs site.

Speaking at Windows 7 for Geeks

For last few months, I was quite busy with my responsibilities at work and post graduation studies and due to that I was unable to make any community engagement. I’m glad to announce that this week I will be speaking in the event “Windows 7 for Geeks” organized by Emerging .NET Devs.

The event is re-scheduled on 20th March, 2010. To read further details or attend the event, click here.

Session Summary: .NET Overview and Visual Studio

I recently participated as speaker at “MAJU TechCon 2009” held on Saturday, 21st November, 2009. I delivered a session on “.NET Framework and Visual Studio”. The event was day long and targets mostly to students of undergrad and post-grad.

Adil at MAJU TechCon 09

The objective of the session was to introduce .NET Framework as a next generation Microsoft platform for building end-to-end applications and why students should learn to program using .NET Framework. Following was the agenda of the session (slide copied):


At the end, we discussed the upcoming .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, in particular, how .NET 4 address the multi core systems and a little on Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). I also demonstrated small samples on using Parallel APIs in .NET 4.0 Beta.

In the end, I would like to thank everyone who attended the session. The slides and demo are available on my Box .net folder available, refer to sidebar on right hand side on my blog in folder “MAJU TechCon”.

Please click here to see my earlier post for information about event schedule and program details.

MAJU TechCon 2009

MAJU Techcon 2009I will be speaking at MAJU TechCon 2009 on “.NET Framework and Visual Studio”. The event is scheduled on Saturday, 21st November, 2009. The event is day long, targets mostly to students of undergrad and post-grad. Following is the tentative schedule of the event:

  • 02:00~02:30, Registration
  • 02:45~02:50, Opening Words by Azmat Khan from MAJU
  • 02:50~03:00, Key Notes to students by Dr.Abdul Wahab from MAJU
  • 03:00~03:50, Cloud Computing by Zia Khan from Operation Badar
  • 03:50~04:40, Linux /Ubuntu by Anjum Kaisar from OSRC/PSEB
  • 04:40~04:50, Namaz Break
  • 04:50~05:50, Java Platform by Soban Khan from Etilize
  • 05:50~06:20, Namaz & Tea Break
  • 06:20~06:35, Key Notes to students by Jahan Ara from P@SHA
  • 06:35~06:45, Certification Distribution
  • 06:45~07:30, Visual Studio/.Net Framework Adil Mughal from Telenor Pakistan
  • 07:30~08:00, Microsoft Academic Initiative by Naveed Bajwa from Microsoft Pakistan
  • 08:00~08:45, Window 7 / IE 8 by Jibran Jamshed from Microsoft Pakistan
  • 08:45~09:00, Faisal Khan

About TechCon:

A day long conference, in which CEOs, CTOs and high profile professionals belonging to leading software houses and technological companies will participate as guest speaker. This event will facilitate students in upgrading knowledge about latest technologies, market trends and carrier guidelines by sharing their experiences.The prime intent of this event is to abridge gap between local industry and students of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University and help them prosper freely.

For details and registration, please visit http://www.MAJUTechCon2009.tk

Microsoft Community Boot camp‏

Last Friday, 30th October ‘09, I participated in BootCamp organized for Microsoft Community in Pakistan. The event was really well organized and we really had fun time. We attended sessions, played games and had dinner as well 🙂 It was organized at arena, Karachi, Pakistan.

The Bootcamp provides an opportunity to network with other Most Valuable Professionals, Professional Partners, Student Partners, Community Speakers & Microsoft Pakistan team members and helps in developing a much better understanding of latest Technology & Microsoft Platform.

The Agenda for the event is as follows:

  • 3:30 – 4:00 Registration & Hi Tea
  • 4:00 – 4:45 Windows 7
      • by Naveed Bajwa, Developer & Platform Group Manager, Microsoft Pakistan
  • 4:45 – 5:30 A Dive into UX, Expression Studio
      • by Jibran Jamshad, Technology Consultant, Microsoft Innovation Center Pakistan
  • 5:30 – 6:15 Microsoft Virtualization 360
      • by Zafar Ul-Islam, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Microsoft Pakistan
  • 6:15 – 6:45 Cloud Computing with Windows Azure
      • by Ziaullah Khan, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
  • 6:45 – 7:15 Q & A, Discussion
  • 7:15 – 8:30 Games
  • 8:30 – onwards Dinner

It was really informative and fun to attend such event. I would like to thank Microsoft Pakistan, Microsoft Innovation Center and especially the DPE Team.

Windows 7 House Party

I will be hosting Windows 7 House Party at my home on 25th October. I have invited few of my friends and active community people in Karachi, Pakistan. This is an informal event and we will discuss some of the exciting features of Windows 7 🙂

I have received Windows 7 Party Pack from House Party and Microsoft. In that pack I got Windows 7 Signature edition and some other goodies 😀

Obviously, I have invited very limited number of people due to limitation of space and ;p at my house 🙂 But, just to inform you, if you are really looking forward to see some exciting features of Windows 7 we will be organizing a Windows 7 Launch event at the User Group level which will be open for all the PCs! 😉

Thanks! Looking forward to see you all in the upcoming Windows 7 Launch events!

Event Summary: Oct UG Meeting on LINQ

I participated as speaker along with Munir Usman (MVP) in Emerging .NET DevsOctober UG Meeting on LINQ. I was excited as I was speaking after couple of months 🙂 The event was organized by  Emerging .NET Devs. We tried to make the event as interactive as possible. The style of discussion was comparison between approaches before and after LINQ and how LINQ makes life of programmer easy and increase productivity. 

Adil and MunirDSC01643

Following was the agenda of the discussion:

  • Challenges before LINQ

  • Introduction to LINQ

  • Pre-requisite to LINQ (C# 3.0 Features)

  • LINQ to Objects

  • Refreshment

  • LINQ to SQL

  • LINQ to XML

For more details about the events, please visit Emerging .NET Devs – Oct UG Meeting Summary. Also, those who attended the show, please provide feedback about the event here. Thank you everyone for attending the show.

I will be speaking on LINQ

Hello, I’m excited to share with you all that finally, after couple of months, I will be speaking on LINQ at the Emerging .NET DevsOctober Monthly meeting on 17th Oct at Microsoft Innovation Center.

We will talk on some of the challenges developers were facing before LINQ and how LINQ help us in querying, sorting and filtering data. The event is free and seats are limited. So hurry up and get yourself registered. For details about the event or registration, please visit http://eDotNetDevs.org.

Below is the map of Microsoft Innovation Center, which is located at FAST-National University, City Campus.

View Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi in a larger map