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Real World Scenario: MCTS 70-562

Yet another post on Real World Scenario. The query I received this time was related to MCTS 70-562. Truth is the highest number of queries I received are related to Microsoft Certifications 🙂 As mentioned earlier, the purpose of blogging about these issues is to share solution with others facing similar problem.

Scenario/Query (Copied from email):

Sir ,

My Self, Rahul Singh I have read your blog.It was a very good blog, that helped me a lot. Can you provide me some additional information about MCTS 70- 562 . Information which i required are:

  1. Good book that could help me in preparing for paper MCTS  70-562.
  2. whether paper 70-562 in made in C# or VB (Visual Basic) or their in option between two.
  3. some sample paper for paper70- 562

Thank you Rahul for asking and appreciation. Here is what I think:

  1. It really depends on how much experience you have in ASP.NET 3.5. Well in most of the cases MCTS Self Paced Training Kit for 70-562 is good enough for the exam’s preparation. However, if you don’t have much experience with ASP.NET 3.5 or some new features of ..NET 3.5 like LINQ, Entity Framework etc then I don’t think only Training Kit is enough for you. So if that is the case, you need to have some hands on stuff you are weak and go for some books other than training kit such as Professional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 – Wrox or Programming ASP.NET 3.5 -Microsoft Press.
  2. You will always have the option to select C# or VB in every .NET exam.
  3. There are sample exams, a kind of Past Papers, available such as Brain Dumps or Test Kings but they are costly. I would recommend you to have some firm working knowledge of ASP.NET and you will clear the exam hopefully.

Good Luck.

MCTS 70-505, Win Forms Application Exam Passed

Yesterday I cleared MCTS 70-505, WinForms Application Development exam and hence become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) 🙂

MCTS WinForms Logo

Overall the exam level was not very much difficult but I would recommend that one must have around 1 year of experience in Windows Forms with some hands on LINQ and ADO.NET. Plus there were number of questions related to PrintDialog and controls’ interaction with database using datasets etc.

This was one of the milestone achieved as I’m looking forward for the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) track for Enterprise Applications so a way to go 🙂

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Guideline to Prepare for Microsoft Certifications


Couple of days ago my friend ask me about preparation of MCTS 70-536 and its material. As promised in earlier post “Getting Started with Microsoft Certifications Part II” , I’m just going to share my personal experience and perception. So lets discuss some key points in preparation for certifications

  • Make up track in your mind
    • First of all, you must have a proper track to follow. When I say track I mean which area your interested in and also in which you are most interested as well
    • Start with the program in which you are most interested, For this will ease in your preparation and will definitely give you a good boost 🙂
  • Start reading training kit
    • If you have done some work on that technology, obviously which is recommended as well, for instance WPF Now for just clearing certifications I believe Training Kits are good enough to prepare
    • In order to have some good understanding of technology I think one should go for other books as well instead of just going through Self Paced Training Kits
  • Self motivation
    • Until or unless you do have motivate yourself for preparing and giving for exam, You are definitely tend to be sluggish learner.
    • For me It was my profile, I wanted to MCP or MCTS etc 🙂
    • Thanks to my workplace as well i.e. KalSoft for where I found number of MCTS’s, MCPD’s and MVP’s as well, They definitely gives you inspiration
  • Allocate some time on regular basis
    • Once you are ready to start, I would recommend you to allocate some time on regular basis
    • For instance, one hour daily after dinner or in the evening
  • It’s difficult to get out time
    • With job its not easy to take out time, so what if you can read while traveling than its a good way to utilize time and study
  • Register your self and Enforce preparation
    • If you find a good offer like second shot etc then register your self within 1-1.5 month(s) ahead.
    • That would pressurize you and will made you prepare for the exam

These were some of the points I wanted to share with you all and that’s how I succeeded. Remember it varies from individual to individual, every one has their own way of learning.

That’s it for now. Take care


Getting Started with Microsoft Certification Part II


Back in some time, I wrote a blog on Getting Started with Microsoft Certification but as time changes, things changes. So I want to modify information regarding Microsoft certification program and want to add further emphasis on Visual Studio 2008 Track.

First the overall program showed in earlier post requires a little amendment, Now Microsoft has included Master series in the overall certification track

           Microsoft Certifications

We will now talk about MCTS for Visual Studio 2008. For overall glossary of Microsoft Certifications please visit

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS):

MCTS basically highlights your area of expertise so that you can demonstrate your breadth of knowledge on Visual Studio. You stand out to your managers and you implicitly tell them that you know 🙂

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 certification tracks are based on six (MCTS) certifications. Each certification focuses on a particular key technology area(s) in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

For different credentials, there are different exams required to pass.


So the first step for Developers must be the pre-requisite of all MCTS 70-536 exam. This exam is designed to measure your knowledge of .NET development fundamentals. So whether you are interested in WPF, WCF, ASP.NET or any other, you are required to give MCTS 70-536


For details related to MCTS 70-536 exam. Please visit The link will lead you to a page having details of 70-536 exam including the skills that are measured in this exam.

Although the order are NOT important in MCTS exams. Like for example, you can give MCTS 70-562 first and then 70-536 and once you will pass both exam you will earn MCTS ASP.NET 3.5 credential. So order does not matter here. Though some people suggest that since 70-536 covers wide areas of .NET framework, its better to give other exam first so that it can give you boost but I didn’t take it that way 🙂 I think one should give 70-536 first so that for every next paper you give, it will give you respective credential. Does this make sense to you people? 🙂

This is it for now. In this post we saw the new Visual Studio 2008 track, MCTS in particular and we saw that for every credential MCTS 70-536 is pre-requisite. If you have any query against this post, please feel free to ask. You can comment or send me an email at

In the next post on Microsoft Certifications, We will see some of my experiences related to preparing for exam(s). Till then Good bye and Enjoy Programming 🙂

Getting Started with Microsoft Certification:

Microsoft certifications are the way to prove your skills on Microsoft platform. It helps you get recognized in the crowd.

You can found Microsoft Certifications Overview here.

Start as a technology specialist which enables mastering over particular technology. For example, MCTS : Biztalk Server 2006 or .NET framework Windows Application etc. You can find complete list of available exams here.

In order to begin, you have to select a track to get certified on particular technology which can be determined by answering few questions to yourself like

1) In which technology you are working?

2) Which Technology you want to focus?

3) In which technology you will be working in future or wants to work in the future?


The MCTS path will lead you to MCPD or MCITP i.e. Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and IT Professional respectively.

“Certified Professional” emphasize your field of expertise. Once you have reached to the level of certified professional or developer then you can go ahead for “Certified Trainer” or “Architect” i.e. MCT and MCA

Interested? Go ahead and visit the links below.

Few good links