Visual Studio Underutilized Features

Visual Studio is a powerful IDE and have grown remarkably over the last decade. Perhaps used by great number of developers out there for building products for Microsoft platform yet I have came across so many developers who haven’t fully explored IDE features yet and are not utilizing all goodies in it.

Do you know that?
– There are around 4500 Commands in VS
– Over 750 key bindings
– More than 100 tool windows
– A large number of extensibility areas

I believe that it is essential for every software craftsman to master its tool set.

So I have decided to write some blog posts, as shout out from my side, mentioning worth while features, tips and stuff under the hood. I will add the link to posts below.

If you have any tip or feature you would like to share, please feel free to add in comments below or contact me via my blog.

Thanks, stay tuned!