Session: Refactoring to SOLID Code

We recently organized October User Group Meeting on Design Principles and Practices at MIC, Karachi. I did a session on “Refactoring to SOLID code” and really enjoyed discussion with developers on design principles and practices.
We talked about aspects of bad design, better design and how we can apply SOLID principles to our day to day code. The session was irrespective of any technology and more related to Object Oriented Principles. As ‘software design’ is one of the area I am passionate about, so I love the talk.

AttendeesAdil Mughal - Refactoring to SOLID Code

The objective was to provide awareness and realization to developers on how following different design principles and practices will eventually make their life easy. I would like to thank everyone who attended the session and the contributors who made this event reality especially speaker (visitor) Zubair Ahmed and Kamran (from MIC) for needful arrangements.
As promised, I have shared session presentation and source code. See details below. StructureMap, the free Dependency Injection tool can be downloaded from github or Nuget Package
You can download source code demonstrated and presentation from shared folder.
P.S. Hope everyone enjoyed lucky draw 😉
  • Fahad Abbas

    Very informative seminar and easily understandable. good to see the professionals taking interest into these sessions and attending it. Keep it Up !

  • Anonymous

    Nice Work Adil.

  • Nice Slides!

  • Thanks.

  • Munib

    Well done.

  • Really nice staff reminds me the sweet old days when we have pdc in Karachi. Thanks for the uploads Adil.