MCTS – 70-515, Web Application Development .NET 4

I am pleased to share that I have successfully passed the exam “TS 70-515- Web Application Development using Microsoft .NET Framework 4” and therefore become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for building .NET Framework 4, Web Applications.

The exam comprises of 50 questions and major focus was on new stuff such as ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Dynamic Data Websites, ASP.NET web forms 4 etc. Click here to see the overall skills measured. In the end, since I passed, it was a good.

You can download the Visual Studio 2010 Certification(s) Path (pdf) from here. Since currently there are no training kits available for .NET 4 exams, if you are interested in giving exam, please feel free to contact me I will be glad to share my experience in preparing for .NET 4 exams.

Next Target –> MCTS – 70-513

  • Congrats Adil Bhai =)

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Adil, Could you share with us how you prepared and how long it took you to prepare?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, could you please share how long it took and how did you prepare? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Congratz. What is the passing score for this exam? 80%?

  • Thanks! 70% is the passing score for exam. For preparation, I am going to write a blog post today because I have received bunch of emails asking the same questions. So please wait a little…

  • Congrats Adil Bhai =)What is the passing score for this exam? 80%? and can i give it in C# environment…

  • @Sachin: Thank you! It’s 70%. Yes of course you can… at the start of the exam, you have option of selecting C# or VB as language during exam.

  • @Anonymous: Please check my blog post on Preparation of 70-515

  • Dear Adil,

    I am interested in giving this exam, please give me some guideline n material for the exam at ur earliest.

    Software Engineer

  • Anonymous

    Adil good to see your blog on certificaion preparation. I am also planning for 70-515. May i know how to get discount voucher and second shot offer.


  • Hi,
    I don’t Know any thing about the procedure for mcts 70-515.Can you tell me how to get registered and how to prepare for this test.

  • @rakesh: You need to register at prometric testing centers, I have mentioned this in another blog post of mine

    @All: For preparation, there is a training kit for this test
    along with the recommended classroom training

  • Salam!
    I am child 12 years old. and i can develope a small web application with visual studio 2010 using ASP.NET 4.
    I want some guidence to prepare for Exam.

  • Dear Adil Mughal Sb,

    I am doing job as System Admin and I am studing the Microsoft Training Kit (Book) for this exame ( MCTS-70-515),I have no professional experience of development,but my concepts are good enough,please guide me,,,,

  • hai,
    can u please advice me how 2 prepare for mcts xam in i get any dumps for that xam ? please mail me a reply abt my doubt in

  • at

    hi Adil,
    I am appearing for MCTS 70-515, i thought the exam includes questions in language html/asp , c sharp and VB. You have said in one of your posts that we can choose between VB and c sharp at the beginning of the exam.


  • Congrats buddy ! Thanks for sharing your valuable views.

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  • vaibhav

    I am also preparing for the exam could you please suggest me about syllabus , exam preparation , tips